• Princess Sumaya University

  • Mr. Osama has proven to be results-driven chief executive officer with many years experience, leading and increasing growth in METTCO to be one of the leading telecommunications companies in the Middle East.

    Using efficient and consistent strategic leadership, Mr. Osama has been a pioneer in METTCO'S success, managing and directing a business through major development management.

    Mr. Osama effectively and successfully managed teams of over hundreds of employees in 6 different countries (Kuwait, Iraq, Sudan, UAE, KSA, and Oman).

    He also oversaw executive leadership, training & development, and public relations, which contributed to the rapid growth of METCO and its subsidiaries (including METTCO).

    Mr. Osama has successfully developed intensive, ambitious business strategies for both, short-term goals and long-term objectives.

    He managed to lead a successful transformation throughout several low performing business units in order to reduce downturns and increase efficiency.
    Part of being METCO'S CEO, Mr. Osama has encouraged a shift in METTCO'S culture toward greater openness, transparency, and accountability.

    He significantly increased the quality of inter- and intra-departmental interactions, as well as the efficiency of the processes, by streamlining operations and maximizing revenue.

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  • General Manager – Iraq - Middle East Telecommunication Co.( Metco)
    Operation Director – Iraq - Middle East Telecommunication Co.( Metco)

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  • Quality is never an accident , it is always the result of intelligent efforts

  • Our vision is to accelerate our Middle East and Africa expansion to become a leading force in the region's telecommunications contracting industry. We will reach our goal of leadership by integrity , team work & excellent client service .