Every year, International Finance awards the industry’s best, who feel proud, happy and elated to have won top honours for the work they and their companies do. The award is a manifestation of their hard work, perseverance, dedication, commitment and innovation at work, and what better way than to have the industry experts acknowledge these efforts and reward individuals or companies. Read on to find out what our award winners have to say upon winning International Finance Awards.

” We are extremely delighted and honored to be awarded as ” Most Innovative Asset Management Company in Thailand “.

Despite we are the top player in pension fund business, we are also active player in mutual funds especially in developing new mutual fund products to serve investment needs of our HNW and retail clients. The success is belong to our team. This will inspire us to continue to be innovative in developing new products and investment strategies with good performance for our clients.”
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CEO, Tisco Asset Management

“We are honoured and proud to receive the award from International Finance Magazine. It is a recognition of our efforts and commitment to be “ the ports for all people”. 

COSCO SHIPPING Ports has adopted “The Ports for ALL” as its mission and is working towards building a global terminal network with controlling stake that offers linkage effects on costs, services and synergies, a synergistic platform that offers mutual benefits to all in the shipping industry, connecting global routes and becoming truly “the ports for all people”.
With the synergies we have with our parent company and the ongoing support from the shipping alliances, I firmly believe that COSCO SHIPPING Ports is well positioned to continue to deliver growth with this unique competitive advantage.
COSCO SHIPPING Ports remains steadfastly committed to building a world-class and well-balanced terminal network to meet the needs of shipping alliances with extended services; we will continue to grow our capacity and invest strategically to build “The Ports for ALL”.
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Vice Chairman and Managing Director, COSCO SHIPPING Ports Limited

“We are truly honoured and delighted to have won the International Finance award for ‘Fastest Growing Remittance Service Provider UAE 2017’.

This award symbolises our growth as an organisation. Our keen inclination towards innovation and betterment of services led us towards this achievement. The exchange has grown significantly in size and stature since its establishment in 2005. These awards are a true testament that hard work, ambition and good service can make a young exchange a leader in the industry in a short span. There is still a lot left to achieve. We believe and we firmly hope that this is just the beginning and there is much more in store for us in the future”
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General Manager, GCC Exchange

“We want our customers to enjoy the internet. Whether it’s our amazing high-speed network, innovative and affordable data products and services

or our fantastic award winning digital first customer experience, our customers drive our vision. We prize the relationship we have with our customers, putting them at the heart of everything we do. We believe that while people may come to us for our market leading products and services, they also stay with us because of the relationship we build with them. For Ooredoo, customers’ needs and expectations are central to our values and we hope that although we begin our journey with them as a service provider, we quickly become a valued friend.”
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CEO, Ooredoo

“We are very honoured and proud to receive the award for Best Retail Bank in Vietnam 2017 from International Finance magazine.

This award indicates that we are on the right path. We are committed to try our best to be a pioneer in bringing better products & services to our customers in the future”
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CEO, Maritime Bank

Nirvana Travel &Tourism is proud to be chosen as this year’s “Best Luxury Tour Operator” by the International Finance Award.

To be acknowledged by such a highly esteemed organization that celebrates excellence and champions key industry performers is such a tremendous honor.Our every triumph is a testament to Nirvana Travel & Tourism’s culture of excellence, service and reliability—the hallmarks of our operations. But more than that, these awards and recognitions inspire us to dream bigger and reach higher. As the most trusted multi-awarded luxury tour operator in the UAE, we constantly deliver best in class, carefully crafted, highly personalized and unique experiences to our valued roster of clients. From over-the-top exclusive tours to more culturally in-depth journeys to once-in-a-lifetime voyages of discovery, we pride ourselves in having first-hand knowledge, a dedicated staff with the right experience, unparalleled attention to detail, and incredible resources to deliver and even surpass client expectations time and again. Today, Nirvana Travel & Tourism stands as head and shoulders above the competition because we always find new paths to explore and new grounds to conquer. We’re always unlocking new doors… always setting our sights on the next destination.
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CEO's Message

Nirvana Travel and Tourism

“We are pleased & proud to receive this Award from this magazine, which is a highly respected and reputed publication

that is well-recognized in the world’s banking industry. Winning this Award is testimony of the Bank management’s positive policies and fruitful plans for the development of performance and enhancement of the Bank’s status on the regional and global levels. This will certainly strengthen the Bank’s position and leadership in the Islamic banking scene in Bahrain and in the regional level given that Islamic banking has become well established worldwide. Winning such a prestigious international award makes us more responsible in the future to maintain this outstanding level of service and operations. This achievement is an impetus for us to make more effort to develop Islamic banking services and products in our bank to meet the needs and requirements of our customers.
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Acting Chief Executive Officer, Bahrain Islamic Bank

“Our presence represents a major achievement in recognition of our leading role in the health insurance sector

and our efforts to cater to the demands of our customers in the Kingdom through the past 20 years. Winning these awards is a strong incentive for us to give more to our members and investors. We give special attention to our investors inside and outside the Kingdom which helped increase our portfolio of stakeholders
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CEO, Bupa Arabia

We exceed our customers’ expectations through excellence at work. We reap success through our efforts to change for the better.

Success in management is reflected through respecting and supporting our employees in addition to improving their skills and rewarding excellence. In our beloved country, we strengthen our relationship with our customers through offering the best services to Iraqis. Our core principle is to work in the spirit of a one team with a focus on an outcome based on responsibility, integrity, and success.
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CEO, Trade Bank of Iraq

All of us at DIB are extremely proud of what we have achieved together over the recent past.

And it is not just the incredible growth story that the organization has witnessed that instills this sense of pride, but the fact that it has done so in extremely trying and challenging times. The bank’s continued financial success and the ability to sustain growth two to three times that of the market over the last few years is proof of the fact that the efforts put into solidifying the franchise nearly a decade ago were not in vain. Today, we are an organization which is not guided by the environmental constraints or barriers. We are dictated by the needs and wants of our customers and our own aspirations. And this single minded focus on these two critical pillars has led to the bank delivering the market beating performance that continues to earn awards and accolades from local and international organizations.
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Bin Faqeeh has successfully established itself as a leading real estate developer in the region.

We are focusing our efforts to create a bright future for the real estate market in Bahrain by merging global best practices and our expertise. This award is a testimony of our success in delivering state-of-the-art residential projects. We are very proud to be honoured by IFM as the “Best Residential Developer 2017 in Bahrain”. This is an international recognition of our efforts and achievements.
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CHAIRMAN, Bin Faqeeh

“We are proud to receive this award, which is a recognition of our commitment and efforts to build a truly customer-centric bank.

We place strong emphasis on innovation, quality customer service and continuous process improvement which has resulted in steady, organic growth across the Bank. We will continue to partner with our customers to support their personal and business ambitions and ensure we provide them with customer-driven solutions and exceptional, fit-for-purpose banking services always.”
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KFH Malaysia is delighted and honoured to be named the Best Islamic Retail Banking Product for Malaysia by the International Finance Awards 2017.

The award is a testament to theBank’s efforts, not just to be the leading and preferred regional Islamic Bank, but, to advance the country’s aspiration in becoming the global hub for Islamic banking. Our aim is to provide our customers a SIMPLER – BETTER – FASTER experience by delivering innovative Shariah-based solutions that meet our customers’ needs for today and tomorrow. We owe this award to KFH Malaysia’s greatest asset – our people. I can personally testify the passion, commitment and above all, the care shown for our customers are essential ingredients for this acclaimed success. This will no doubt fuel KFH Malaysia to work harder in our endeavor to deliver banking and financial solutions for our customers and set industry-leading standards in the banking sector.
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“We are delighted to be recognised as the Best CFD Trading Broker Australasia for the second successive year.

This award evidences our dedication to maintaining the highest standard of customer service and our commitment to the provision of cutting edge trading technology. City Index continues to evolve our offering to meet the needs and demands of the market place and strives to make our customers’ trading experience the best in the market.”
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Ben Smoker

Chief Operating Officer, City Index Australia

“Getting the title of Best Islamic Bank from the International Finance Magazine in London (IFM) is an honor for us, and something that we are very proud of.

This honor comes as a result of the excellence of Tadhamon International Islamic Bank in several areas, especially its leadership in assets size, capital, and its contributions to the community in supporting the national economy and financing large and small projects. In addition to that, the bank has continued in providing excellent Islamic banking services to its customers. I would like to give my thanks and appreciation to everyone who has contributed to grant the bank this level of leadership, and I also want to extend my thanks to the International Finance Magazine (IFM).
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Mahmoud Ata Al Refai

General Manager, Tadhamon International Islamic Bank

“Receiving this award is testament to the commitment and collaboration that ICD continues to pursue in its ongoing quest to mobilize resources, add real economic value and encourage, enhance and elevate private sector partnership across its member countries.

In line with our new strategy, ICD is now not only focusing on deepening and strengthening operations across co-partner countries but expanding our focus outwards to collaborate with a wider range of non-member and non-Muslim jurisdictions in order to support the spread and significance of Islamic finance globally. With multiple new agreements signed with cohorts as diverse as Korea and Japan; as well as our ongoing commitment to programs in Africa and the CIS region bearing plentiful fruit, we are proud to receive this IFM award for Excellence in Development of the Islamic Private Sector at a time when our wings are spreading wider, and our mission for financial inclusion and Islamic economic development is flying higher than ever”
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Khaled Al Aboodi

CEO, Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector

“It is with great pleasure that we receive such an award.

This award represents the effort and dedication the Angolan team has put in order to guarantee what is today a successful organisation with motivated employees and satisfied clients.”
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Pedro Pinto Coelho

CEO, Standard Bank Angola

“We are honoured to be recognized as the ‘Fastest Growing Bank in Qatar’ which stands as yet another testament to Barwa Bank’s dedication to excellence, growth,

and to building an innovative and customer-focused Shari’ah-compliant bank that can lead the way in this growing sector”
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Khalid Al- Subeai

Acting Group CEO, Barwa Bank - Qatar

“Sudan is a fertile environment for innovation and creativity on Retail Banking as in general banking penetration doesn’t exceed 20% leaving immense potential and room for opportunity to offer many products and services.

Bank of Khartoum since privatization in 2006 had differentiated its market position to explore the retail market by introducing various products and service that had never been introduced. Lately, BOK had launched the first ever mobile payment service in Sudan which is planned to captured a larger market and open new ventures for introducing new products and services. It is due to our successful deployment of Islamic products and services, we have been honored by IFM and awarded as “Most Innovative Islamic Bank Africa”.
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Fadi Salim Al Faqih

CEO, Bank of Khartoum - Sudan

“We are honored to be recognized by such a well-respected publication as IFM. This award is a testament to our commitment to the clients we serve, our management team and all of our employees.

As we continue to offer our customers a unique service, supported by our construction of a next-generation platform, ATG continues its mission to find opportunities arising from the development of electronic trading in the Latin American market.”
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Francisco Gurgel

Chief Technology Officer of ATG, America Trading Group

“We are delighted to have won this great award after a lot of hard work to create the best social trading site in the world.

With TradingFloor.com, we wanted to take social trading to a totally new level with the unique ability to witness in real time how the best investors create their returns alongside the ability to copy their every move in your own account. We have seen a spectacular uptake, both in traffic and in traders, linking their real money trading account to the community of successful investors. We are now focused on taking the position as the leading global social trading platform in the world – we do not believe there can be a number two or three in this space.”
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Rune Bech

Head of Digital Lines of Business, Saxo Bank

“We are delighted to receive this award in recognition of our offered customer services in European markets.

This award reinforces us to continue providing exceptional services and motivates us to ac<span class=”morecontent”>hieve even greater performance” Artur Mamedov, CEO of Tele Trade Europe.”
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Artur Mamedov

CEO, TeleTrade Europe

“We have always strived to create more and more opportunities for our customers whose needs are being continuously learned and incorporated into business processes.

Constant product refinements and developments by VF AzerCredit contribute to the improvement of the welfare of micro entrepreneurs and self-employed people in Azerbaijan and have brought innovations to the microfinance sector in the country. And we are very excited to know that these achievements of ours have also been recognized with the Best Microfinance Company Azerbaijan 2013 Award by International Financial Magazine, UK.”
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Ljiljana Spasojevic

CEO, VF AzerCredit- Azerbaijan

DarshanPerera, Chief Executive Officer of NDBIB, on being adjudged as “Best Investment Bank” in Sri Lanka by International Finance Magazine,UK, said

“We are deeply honoured and delighted to have received this award in recognition of our leadership in the capital markets of Sri Lanka. This award emboldens us to continue in our quest to achieve excellence in our sphere of operation”.
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Chief Executive Officer, NDB Investment Bank – Sri Lanka

“We are delighted to receive such a prestigious award just before year-end as we look forward towards a promising New Year in the growth cycle of the banking sector in Oman thanks to the wise and prudent government support in the development of various sectors in the Sultanate.

Oman Arab Bank’s Investment Management Group has acted as an able partner on this front by structuring deals, both equity and debt, from local and regional markets to support the development of Oman. For close to three decades Oman Arab Bank has played a pivotal role in infrastructure development and industrialization in the Sultanate by financing some of the largest and key projects in Oman. This award is also testament to the bank’s emphasis on strong corporate governance”
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Abdul Kader Askalan

Chief Executive Officer, Oman Arab Bank SAOC - Oman

“CaixaBI was a strong contributor for the recovery of the Portuguese economy as we played a very significant role in the boosting of the so needed capital markets, both equity and debt.

The operations we lead were landmarks considering that the Portuguese equity capital market was desert for the last five years. It is then a great pleasure to see that CaixaBI´s performance in 2013 was noted by International Finance Magazine´s analysts whose echoes surely help the international perception about the leading player in the Portuguese investment banking industry.”
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António Gregório

Managing Director, Caixa - Banco de Investimento - Portugal

Adjudicated the “Best Commercial Bank, Qatar, 2013”, CEO the Doha Bank Group CEO, Dr. R Seetharaman, said, “Doha Bank is honoured to be recognized with this award from a reputed magazine like IFM,

which is testament to the continuous hard work of the Bank’s staff and executive management in fulfilling the strategic vision of the Board of Directors and the needs of its customers. Doha Bank has over the years strived to exemplify the highest level of customer service while also focusing on innovation in delivering financial services to its esteemed customers. Today, in addition to Qatar, Doha Bank has full-fledged branches in Kuwait, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, supported by nine international representative offices. Doha Bank is truly positioned as a multinational GCC-based bank with stakeholders across the region and internationally.”
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R Seetharaman

Bank Group CEO, Doha Bank – Qatar

On behalf of Sejel Technology, I am deeply honored to receive the award “Best Turnkey Solution Provider in Saudi Arabia 2015” from the International Finance Magazine.

This award is a valuable recognition for everyone who helped our company become a strategic IT Services Provider in the public and private sector in Saudi Arabia today.
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Ahmed Ghamri

CEO, Sejel Technology Ltd – Saudi Arabia

“It is a matter of immense pride that CBD has won the “Most Innovative Digital Bank – UAE ” award at the 2018 International Finance Awards.

This recognition for CBD’s digital capabilities is a validation of the significant investments made by the Bank in digital technology and innovation as the bank continues to set new standards for customer service. Digital technology remains a key enabler for the Bank’s customer-centric approach. We have designed CBD’s Digital Banking platform using the best practices and latest technologies to offer customers state-of-the-art banking solutions to help manage their finances and achieve their financial goals.”
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CEO, Commercial Bank of Dubai

“We are honored that Megaworld has been recognized as the “Best Real Estate Development Company.”Our continued strong performance

has always been anchored on our commitment to deliver the very best real estate value to our customers. Awards like these motivate us to constantly innovate in our industry, improve the property landscape in the Philippines, and elevate the experiences of Filipinos through our master-planned townships”
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CEO, Megaworld Corporation

“Tenger Insurance is still considered the Best insurance company in Mongolia by many, especially due to our best in class risk management practices,

reinsurancereliability and claims efficiency proven by a large scale fire loss recovery of a major national manufacturer.  Continued low loss ratio and low acquisition cost resulted in improved combined ratio of 92.3%, making Tenger Insurance the most profitable insurer in 2017.Forecasted growth in retail segment due to online sales platform and tailored product development would differentiate Tenger Insurance on the local market in the upcoming year.    We are glad to be recognized by the International Finance Magazine as the best in Mongolia once again.”
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CEO, Tenger Insurance

“I take great pride in sharing Ahli United Bank’s recent awards bestowed by the International Finance Magazine,the world-class banking and finance magazine.

First of all, I am delighted that my esteemed colleague Ms Jehad Al Humaidhi has been selected as – “Woman Entrepreneur of The Year, IT-Banking & Finance – Kuwait 2017”. This award honours female professional executives who have enriched the IT & Operations of the Banking sector. Secondly, it is equally my pleasure to announce that our capital raising via an Additional Tier 1 USD 200 million Sukuk, issued on 25 October 2016, has won the award for “Sukuk Deal of the year – Kuwait “.
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Deputy Chief General Manager, Ahli United Bank

“We have always been dedicated to driving innovation, achieving service excellence, and helping our clients reach their financial goals.

We constantly strive to deliver a seamless investment experience across our delivery channels and provide a full array of investment options to our broad and varied customer base. We are most grateful to the 2017 International Finance Awards for recognizing these achievements and naming BPI Asset Management and Trust Corporation as Best Manager in the Philippines.”
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President, BPI Asset Management and Trust Corporation

The International Finance Magazine (IFM) Awards accorded to the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) for “The Fastest Growing Free Trade

Zone 2017 and Best Social Responsibility Initiative 2017 Philippines” affirm our position as a most active partner of government in advancing its socio-economic agenda. These awards, which come on the eve of SBMA’s 25th year anniversary, inspire us not only to celebrate our past but more importantly, to forge our country’s future for the sake of our children and future generations by continuing to make a difference and adding value to Filipino lives.It is indeed both an honor and a privilege to be counted among IFM’s roster of excellence.
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Administrator and CEO, Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority

“As a credit specialist Funds Manager, operating in the Asia Pacific region for over 60 years,

La Trobe Financial are proud that our unique services are now globally recognised by our peers, as we continue to produce outstanding performance results for both our institutional and retail investors. This continued recognition is thanks to the extraordinary efforts of a fine team of dedicated and experienced individual’s combined with our ‘best in class’ capital stable, yield oriented investment product with a track record of success”
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President and CEO, La Trobe Financial Asset Management Limited

It is a great honour to have received the “Most Innovative Bank in Portugal in 2017” award this year. I believe in permanent learning, innovation and focus to be successful. 

BNI Europa has a very motivated team and with this team effort, we have been able to grow fast and be a reference in the new wave of Challenger Banks.
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CEO, BNI Europa

I am truly overwhelmed and honored to receive this prestigious award from International Finance Magazine as the Best Non-Life Insurance Company of Bangladesh.

This is an amazing feeling to see all our hard work and endeavor being recognized once again not just locally but also internationally. Green Delta has always been the pioneer in bringing out new innovative products and services addressing the local, community and national issues over the past 32 years. Achieving this international award has added another feather to the crown and strengthened our brand image. This could not have been possible without the excellent team spirit that we have among our members of Green Delta Family.
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At Cytonn, we focus on giving the best returns to the investors through attractive investment opportunities in the East African region.

We do this through high yielding and most innovative real estate and financial services investments products. Being recognized by International Finance Magazine as the Best Alternative Investment Provider in Kenya is a testament to our belief that structured finance is the way forward for real estate finance and investments; connecting capital with attractive opportunities, creating jobs, developing aspirational neighborhoods and improving standards of living in the Region.
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Cytonn Investment Management Limited

We, at Profinch Solutions, are delighted to receive this prestigious IFM award for “Most Innovative Business Intelligence Application Development, India 2017” in the business intelligence space for our product FinCluez.

FinCluez was conceptualized from a combination of our past experience in the banking and financial services industry and our insight into areas that need competent solutions. We are happy that the industry, though this award, shares our excitement with this solution in this technological space, and this inspires us to continue and better our efforts in making a widely-appreciated solution for the industry.
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“We are truly honoured and delighted to have won the International Finance award for ‘Fastest Growing Property Investment Firm Malaysia 2017’.

In line with the national agenda to create and facilitate wealth creation opportunities for the Bumiputeras, PHB will continue to enhance and facilitate Bumiputera’s ownership particularly in prime commercial real estate in major cities and ensuring our portfolio will remain up-to-date by actively managing a dynamic mix of properties in prime area in Malaysia.”
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“Mediolanum’s business has been developed with a clear focus on putting client needs at the core of everything we do.

The evolution of our open networked business model where we leverage technology and an external network of industry collaborators to supplement internal expertise has been instrumental in expanding our capability to deliver both core and incremental client focussed innovations into the business. Innovations include the development of our knowledge platform to discover and promote ideation for MedInSynC our product development process as well as Med3 our investment management process and also include the development of innovative customer centric analytic tools leveraging big data. These awards for ‘Most Innovative Investment Management Company’ and ‘Best Asset Management Company’ in Ireland are a welcome recognition of the hard work of everyone involved within Mediolanum Asset Management.”
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Furio Pietribiasi

Managing Director, Mediolanum Asset Management Ltd

“I am very excited that JSC “Capital bank” became a winner in International Finance Magazine “Best Re-Engineering and Re-Branding Bank” nomination.

During these past few months the bank has indeed undergone a lot of changes. Herewith I would like to thank all of my colleagues who participated in this process. I believe that winning in this nomination along with all the work that was performed will be encouraging and motivating for our staff, what will be positively reflected in relations with partners and customers. This success is a remarkable achievement for me personally and also for the team. I would like to thank International Finance Magazine for such opportunity”.
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Lasha Khoperia

CEO, JSC Capital Bank Georgia

“I am truly overwhelmed and honored to receive this prestigious award from International Finance Magazine as the Best Non-Life Insurance Company of Bangladesh.

This is an amazing feeling to see all our hard work and endeavor being recognized once again not just locally but also internationally. Green Delta has always been the pioneer in bringing out new innovative products and services addressing the local, community and national issues over the past 28 years. Achieving this international award has added another feather to the crown and strengthened our brand image. This could not have been possible without the excellent team spirit that we have among our members of Green Delta Family. Our motto- ‘Marches with time’ is what keeps us motivated to break barriers and achieve greater success.
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Farzana Chowdhury

Managing Director and CEO, Green Delta Insurance Company Limited

“We are truly honoured and excited to be recognised as the ‘Best Life Insurance Provider in Mauritius 2014’ and to receive this prestigious award from the International Financial Magazine (IFM), UK.

We are pleased that our efforts to provide the best life insurance products and services to the Mauritian population have been recognised. It comes at a propitious moment when we are soon launching a subsidiary operation in Botswana which pursues our expansion strategy into Africa to bring protection, wealth, reward and peace of mind to other countries. We thank our customers and all our stakeholders for putting their trust in us. Thank you to IFM for recognising BAI amongst the best.”
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Rishi Sookdawoor

CEO, BAI Co (Mtius) Ltd – Mauritius

“After being awarded in 2013 and 2014 as Best Internet Banking in Mozambique by Global Finance and being elected one of the most innovative banks in Africa,

being awarded once more as Best Internet Bank by another well-known and respected international magazine make us very proud of what we are and what we have achieved in such a short time frame. We entered the market in 2011 with a very innovative and distinctive positioning and a new way of doing banking. By then we were the 18th bank entering the Mozambican market, bringing a totally innovative and distinctive positioning and new way of doing banking, and less than 3 years after we are already the 6th biggest bank operating in Mozambique.”
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João Figueiredo

Head of Marketing, Banco Unico

“Extremely delighted and proud with the recognition. We are known to be the market leader in Sudan and we are honored to be recognized with this award of “Best Islamic Retail Bank Africa” from reputedmagazine like IFM.

This award is a reflection of our commitment and extra ordinary performance of Retail banking in Sudan as we launched Retail banking only in 2006 when Dubai Islamic Bank took over as major shareholder and we are known in Sudan to be the market leader, offering full suite of Islamic retail products and services. We are the largest bank in the country with over 2 billion dollar balance sheet and have the largest branch network, largest ATM network, largest customer base, largest deposit base etc. We just launched first ever mobile money in Sudan and looking forward to capture large unbanked population in Sudan which will also help the economy of the country by bring the money in the banking channel. This award is complement to our achievements and we are proud to receipt such accolade and getting the recognition at international level.”
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Kashif Naeem

EVP & Group Head , Retail, SME & Microfinance , Bank of Khartoum - Sudan

“It is pleasing to note that, yet another British based entity, viz., the International Finance Magazine, has also selected Senaratne Insurance Brokers, as the “Best Insurance Broker, Sri Lanka 2014”.

The receipt of this award, once again, tends to epitomize the valuable contribution made by Senaratne Insurance Brokers to the insurance industry in Sri Lanka, on the four corner stones embedded in our culture of integrity, innovation, technology and good governance, playing a dominant role in this field. A highly experienced staff, continue to provide expert advice on risk transfer solutions, by way of suitable insurance, to a wide cross section of the community, largely in the corporate sector. International recognition of this nature, certainly helps the Company to move forward with added confidence.”
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Nihal Senaratne

Chairman, Senaratne Insurance Brokers (PVT) LTD - Srilanka

For us it is a great honor to be awarded the Best Forex Bank in Eastern Europe. We have been working hard to become one of the best FOREX brokers in the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.

According to the market statistics observers during the last five year we have gained reputation as the most reliable and efficient FOREX broker in Russia. Moreover, we managed to go beyond the borders in the pursuit of excellence in Europe and other regions. For example we are quite successful in Israel. We are positioning ourselves as the only one purely banking FOREX broker in Russian Federation. We work closely together with one of the leading Russian banks Alfa Bank which provides liquidity support for our operations. We are very proud that clients trust us, and this is the best reward we could ever have. Unfortunately, Forex market was harmed by many unscrupulous brokers and our primary goal now is to restore confidence in the FOREX market in general. We undertake numerous educational programs in this field and also support inexperienced traders with basic fundamental and technical analysis. For experienced traders we prepare more sophisticated support packages, i.e. trading signals or even 24-hour real-time customer support. Why banking FOREX is so important for restoring confidence in the FOREX market in Russia? First of all, we wanted to give our clients direct access to the global interbank market. Under these conditions they could trade without additional fees. Minimum spreads is another advantage for our customers. Not to mention the instant money withdrawal. Access to the best banking services makes the whole process comfortable and dynamic. Alfa-Forex is a part of the Alfa banking conglomerate and this makes it easier for clients to perform operations. We are working constantly on the development of our products while giving investors multiple accesses to the market. We are pioneering new trading technologies in Russia. Our dealing service is one of the best in this sphere. We are constantly introducing new products, not only a variety of CFD’s but also analytical and other trading support tools. We have been among the first companies on the market to implement the new trading platform MT 5. We are also offering our clients an access to different markets, not only to FOREX. We know that this award will encourage us to keep on our dynamics and further perfect our service.”
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Sergey Kharinov

CEO, Alfa-Forex

“Asia Pacific is probably the most dynamic growing region of the World, which encompasses very different countries – from advanced Japan and Singapore to Indonesia and Malaysia, which can be called developing countries, but developing with a very high tempo.

This is definitely a region of opportunities and among many opportunities, Forex is really popular among the people of APAC region. And I can’t be happier, that in this extremely competitive market the traders still choose Instaforex, as it was proved by this IFM award. We feel very honoured with this award and will do anything possible to keep the tempo and increase the level of excellence to retain this award next year.”
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Dmitry Savchenko

Vice president, InstaForex

“We are delighted tobe selected as the Best Facilities Management Company in Qatar by the IFM, UK.

MMG has a long-standing reputation for quality and excellence,and this award pays tribute to the hard work and dedication of the entire team in Qatar.”
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Youssef Abillama

CEO, MMG – Qatar

“We are extremely excited about this award. FXCM is proud to offer what we believe is a superior trading product, experience and execution over our competitors in the US.”

Drew Niv


Bank Islam is truly pleased to be recognized as the Most Innovative Islamic Bank in Malaysia for the year 2013, by International Financial Magazine, UK.

The achievement is an important milestone for the Bank and another step in the right direction for us to become a major regional player. Winning the award proves our long-held belief that innovation is the key to the Bank’s sustainability and its rising relevance in the industry. It is also a reflection of our ‘Pioneering Change’ spirit as we seek to differentiate ourselves within the increasingly competitive Islamic Banking industry, and for that I must thank the Bank’s entire workforce for their efforts in making this happen.
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Mr. Dato‘ SriZukr Samad

Managing Director, Bank Islam

“Personally, being presented the award for ‘Outstanding contribution to banking by an individual’ is certainly a privilege, especially at this significant juncturein my life, where I am all set to bring to an illustrious career to an end.

Therefore, it is with much gratitude, that I accept this award. As an employee, you serve an organization, not with the hope of winning accolades or being recognized individually, but by giving life to your innermost passions and serve a multitude of people with skills-sets and knowledge you continue to gather over the years; However, when your efforts are rewarded with an accolade, it bears testament to the fact that you have managed to touch upon many domains of a business and industry, and for that I’m truly grateful.” 
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Russel De Mel

CEO, National Development Bank - Sri Lanka

Steve Troop, CEO, Barwa Bank, in a brief statement said,, “We are honoured to be acknowledged by IFM Financial Awards, Qatar 2013.

This award is a reflection of our commitment to growth and sustained efforts in building an innovative and customer focused Shari’ah compliant bank that can lead the way in this growing sector. The bank has grown significantly in size and stature since its establishment in 2008.These awards are a true testament, that hard work, ambition and good service can make a young bank, a leader in the industry, in a short span. We’ve a lot to celebrate this year and we intend on maintaining this momentum as we go forward in the future.”
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Steve Troop

CEO, Barwa Bank – Qatar

BFA is honoured to have received the International Finance Magazine for Best Corporate Bank Angola 2015 “. This award is a recognition to the work we have been developing in the last 22 years. Receiv…

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Emídio Pinheiro

CEO, Banco De Fomento - Angola

We are honoured to receive these International Finance Magazine Awards, especially for ‘Best Private Bank Qatar 2015’, as it serves to recognise that ibq is the private bank of choice in Qatar. We h…

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Jabra Ghandour

Managing Director, International Bank of Qatar (ibq)

We are pleased and honored to receive this award, a new recognition for our efforts over the last twenty years to turn Goldstar Insurance into the best insurance company in Uganda. We are very proud …

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Azim Tharani

Managing Director, Goldstar Insurance Co Ltd - Uganda