Investing in health is an investment like no other. Healthcare has advanced by leaps and bounds today, with new technologies making inroads every other day. USA spent 12.9% of its GDP on healthcare – the highest to date, followed by Switzerland and Germany. Now, developing economies in Asia as well as Middle East nations are focused on bringing advanced healthcare options for its citizens. InternationalFinance’s healthcare category aims to recognise the most innovative, path breaking and profitable ventures in healthcare insurance, management and technology.

Most Innovative Healthcare Solutions Provider – Medical Equipment
EG Medical Systems – Egypt

Fastest Growing Wellness Provider in Healthcare Services

Best Investor Relations Team – Pharmaceuticals
Rameda Pharmaceutical Company – Egypt

Best Hospital for Medical Research Training and Education
AUBMC – American University of Beirut Medical Centre – Lebanon

Best Private Hospital
Burjeel Hospital – Oman

Best Healthcare Provider
Muscat Private Hospital – Oman

Most Innovative Healthcare Technology Provider
MediLink Network Inc. – Philippines

Fastest Growing Healthcare Professionals Provider
CareLink Healthcare – Philippines

Best Marketing Initiative (Healthcare)
Saudi German Hospital – Saudi Arabia

Best Clinic for Patient Experience – Saudi Arabia 2019
My Clinic – Saudi Arabia

Most Innovative Corporate Wellness Initiative – Saudi Arabia 2019
My Clinic – Saudi Arabia

Best Turnkey Healthcare Project Development Company
IHCC – Saudi Arabia

Best Hospital for Healthcare Innovations
Dr. Samir Abbas Hospital – Saudi Arabia

Best New Infertility and Genetics Hospital
Dr. Samir Abbas Hospital – Saudi Arabia

Best Digital Media Initiative – Healthcare
Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare (KSA) – Saudi Arabia

Best Hospital for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Bangkok Hospital Siriroj (Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute) – Thailand

Best Health Care Group
Bangkok Dusit Medical Services – Thailand

Best Patient Friendly Hospital
Burjeel Hospital – United Arab Emirates